Invest what you can spare

Toomas Ormisson · February 14, 2021

At the end of 2020, I ran the numbers, and realised I wouldn’t be able to meet my investment goals. Short on money, I decided I’d invest my time in the business I started out of necessity back in 2018.

This is me, taking small steps, building a business that’s essentially my pension plan.

Short on money, invest your time and attention.

So far…

This year

  • Made sure I had a debit card for my business.
  • Used my debit card to start a TransferWise account; for cheap currency exchange once I need it.
  • Made sure I had a working email, hello Google Workspace! I’m not going to host my own email servers, no way…
  • Github and Twitter
  • Write code…


Move domain over to Github Pages, not to have to worry about reliability and uptime while hosting stuff on infra I casually change and destroy.

Still shy on taking on expenses for my company, but domain was a necessity once I started, and today, email is something I must have…

Twitter, Facebook